dvm2 (28)At Skipworth Veterinary Clinic, we are always seeking ways to give your pets the highest quality health care possible. We take pride in being able to provide blood work, (chemistry, CBC, thyroid and Phenobarbital levels) for our pet patients, in-office, so when they are sick or on medications that must be monitored, we can treat them or change their regimen immediately.

We offer an Annual Blood Panel for our aging patients to keep up with the changes aging can bring. As our pet’s bodies age (just like ours!), kidney, liver, as well as other functions, can be affected. Finding these issues allow us to modify your pet’s diet, medication, etc. to support these new changes.

With the ability to run blood work and immediately see the results we are often tuned into problems that can occur long before your pet is considered aging or even showing signs of illness. While most young pets are healthy and resilient, we do see some with underlying kidney, pancreas, and other issues that could be fatal if not detected and managed.

For this reason, we also offer a Wellness Panel for our young pet patients to give us a baseline of their major organ functions and blood counts. This will alert us to some underlying conditions that, without detection, could shorten your pet’s life by many years.

Another incredible added benefit of the Wellness Panel is that it gives us an accurate comparison between what your pet’s organ functions and blood counts look like when they are well versus when they are ill, allowing us to streamline our treatment of your pet even more when they are unwell.

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