Dog and Cat Reproduction in Richmond

Dr. Skipworth and his skilled veterinary team in Richmond are happy to provide dog and cat reproductive services for pet owners and breeders alike. Whether you need to help your pet through a pregnancy or require a specific service for your breeding dog or cat, we’re here to help you. We offer pet reproduction services weekly, from artificial insemination to progesterone testing, and work closely with several reputable breeders in the area. Our goal is to always help people and their companions through the challenges of animal reproduction, and make the process less stressful for everyone involved.

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Cat Reproduction in Richmond, KY

Reproduction and Breeding Services

If you’re a licensed pet breeder, you know how much commitment the job requires. We also understand that some pet owners may be faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Regardless of the circumstances, we can employ the following services to help you:

  • Pre-breeding exams
  • Progesterone level testing
  • Semen collection and transport
  • Artificial insemination
  • Litter evaluation

You can always come to us if you have questions about your pet’s pregnancy, or dog or cat reproduction in general. We would be glad to offer you our advice and be a reliable source of information you can turn to whenever you need it.

Dog and Cat Progesterone Level Testing

For experienced pet breeders, progesterone testing is an important step in determining the breeding schedule. This procedure involves checking the progesterone levels the female is producing, and helps us predict when ovulation will take place. Testing can be performed within 5 days of the heat cycle.

When progesterone levels reach 2.5ng/ml, a breeding schedule can be established (or we need to arrange for a semen sample to be shipped in). Post-ovulation, the female’s progesterone levels should be between 10 and 80 ng/ml, which is vital for sustaining a pregnancy.

Artificial Insemination in Pets

As the name describes, artificial insemination is the process of inserting semen into the female without a male being present. This may be needed if the male and female are in separate geographic locations, or if either the male or female (or both) are uncooperative. Semen is collected from the male (or shipped in from another location) and placed in the female via catheter. The success rate of impregnating a female via artificial insemination is not as high as with conventional mating practices, but for veteran breeders, this is expected.

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Dog Reproduction in Richmond