Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in Richmond

We see a large number of dog and cat allergy cases here in Richmond, and these typically manifest as skin conditions. Itching is one of the most common allergy symptoms afflicting pets. When pets itch, they scratch, and if the scratching continues unchecked for weeks, they can be left with a damaged skin barrier and the potential for infection.

Fortunately, because allergies are so common among pets, we have a variety of diagnostic treatment options available to soothe your pet’s itch and facilitate healing. If you observe your pet scratching and chewing at themselves, we recommend booking an appointment with your veterinarian so they can diagnose and treat the problem before it worsens.

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Diagnosing Skin Conditions in Pets

Dr. Skipworth can treat many types of skin conditions, from atopic dermatitis to sarcoptic mange. Making the correct diagnosis is key to choosing the appropriate treatment for your companion. Below are some of the pet dermatology tests we can perform.

  • Allergy testing
  • Skin scraping
  • Skin cytology
  • Fungal culture
  • Histopathology
  • Biopsy
  • Dietary trials
Dog allergy treatments in Richmond, KY

Dog and Cat Allergies

Pets are just as capable of experiencing allergic reactions as we are. They can become allergic to certain ingredients in their diet, along with fleas, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and even grass. Atopy, contact dermatitis, and food allergies are the three major types of allergies seen in dogs and cats. Symptoms can include:

Atopy (seasonal, caused by allergies to certain weed pollens and dust mites)

  • Chewing at the feet
  • Inflamed ears/ear infections
  • Rubbing at the face
  • Recurring hot spots
  • Respiratory issues (wheezing)

Contact Dermatitis (allergies to cleaners, carpets, plastics)

  • Constant scratching
  • Hair loss
  • Red, bumpy or blistered skin

Food Allergies

  • Ear infections (often associated with yeast)
  • Recurring skin infections
  • Itching around the face, paws, and limbs
Cat being scratched by her owner

Treating Your Dog or Cat’s Allergies

There is no permanent cure for allergies, but the symptoms can be managed with the proper treatment. We can offer antibiotics, antifungals, therapeutic shampoos, anti-itching medications such as Apoquel and Cytopoint, therapeutic shampoos, hyposensitization, or hypoallergenic diets to accommodate the variety of allergy cases we often see here.

Treating dog and cat allergies requires persistence and discipline; you may not see results overnight. We can promise, however, that we will do all that we can to make your pet comfortable, help them heal, and be available whenever you need us. If your pet is itching, scratching, and chewing at themselves, give us a call at (859) 623-0008 or book an appointment online so we can help.