Abby Frederick

Hello! I’m Abby, and this is my chihuahua, Luna! My husband and I moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to the rolling hills of Richmond in the summer of 2017! I started working at the clinic in the fall of that year. My husband, Nate, is the Associate Pastor at Union City Christian Church, and since moving, we have felt so loved and welcomed by not only our church family, but also the family of staff and clients at Skipworth Vet Clinic! I am a lifetime animal lover, and Luna isn’t our only pet! We also have an American Pit Mix named Cricket, a French Bulldog named Norbert, and two kitties named Tonks and Kingsley! I am so excited to get to know you and do anything I can to help take care of you and your little loves!

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Dr. Skipworth has been taking care of my animals since long before he came to Richmond I could not be more pleased I love him his staff Rhonda you're the best and the rest of you ladies are pretty doggone awesome as well.

-Brenda R.